Wednesday, 24 January 2018

End this level of irresponsibility

THE Auditor-General’s Department on Monday made public mockery of the country’s efforts at curbing public office corruption when it emerged that the President of the Republic could not complete declaring his asset as required by law because the department did not have receipt booklets to complete the process.

In the past, there has been hue and cry about the complete disregard for the constitutional requirement for public office holders to declare their assets before taking office.

The provision of the law is a deliberate attempt to promote transparency and curb the rising incidence of corruption, but as has been the case, most public officials do not adhere to this provision of the law.

So when we find a President, who has shown some level of commitment to ensuring transparency by taking steps to declare his assets, few months after assuming it should come as a welcome but thanks to the inefficiencies at the Auditor-General’s Department, that exercise would have to wait till another day.

Reports had it that the President was by himself shocked to the bone at the development but to the many Ghanaians, who access services at the various state institutions on daily basis, that is the depth of deterioration they have had to contend with on regular basis at the various public institutions.

Undoubtedly, such is the decay in many public institutions to the extent that many Ghanaians have come to believe that it is almost impossible to get anything done at some public institutions without bribing one’s way through.

Some public institutions such as the Auditor-Generals Department, the Driver and Vehicle Licensing Authority (DVLA), and the Passport Office and the Lands Department have become synonymous with inefficiency.

The new administration must make it a priority to make public institutions work again. This is a matter of utmost urgency.

For us as The Finder, the development is the highest form of inefficiency and we call on the Auditor-General to take full responsibility of this form of lax attitude to public service.


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