Monday, 22 January 2018

Mahama’s killers must face the law

IN the 21st century where even animals have rights and have roads signs placed in places to give them priority on roads so they are not knocked down or run over by vehicles, our part of the world is still groping in primitive behaviours.

The barbaric and senseless murder of an army officer, detailed to protect the environment from further degradation by savages in the Daboase Denkyira area, continue to toll heavily on the emotions of the entire country.
Indeed, for many years to come, the wicked manner in which life was snatched out of a young promising army officer will continue to haunt our national conscience.
As the tears continue to flow for slain Captain Mahama, his death must bring us to a point where we begin to do an introspection of who we really are as a nation and what values we espouse as a legacy for the future generation.
We have long projected ourselves as a peace-loving people – the Ghanaian who will not hurt a fly - but happenings over the past few years, testify to the contrary.
Lawlessness is fast creeping into the Ghanaian society and the ideals of fellow feeling is fast giving way to a so-called modern fast life where there’s very little regard to human life.
The other day, blood-curdling youth of Kwapong in the Asunafo South District of the Brong Ahafo Region stormed a police station, vandalised the station and set free a fetish priest who was then in lawful custody.
Lynching of suspected criminals is fast becoming a culture in many communities in the country to the discomfort of everybody. A school of thought is that the resort to mob justice is a manifestation of the lack of confidence in the justice system of the country. That argument could be true but fact is, there can be no justification to sentencing anyone to instant justice when there are laws that deal with acts that deviate from the law.
The murder of captain Mahama should spur in us a national consciousness on what path we want to take as a nation in our quest for rule of law and democracy.
For now, The Finder is happy that all perpetrators of that dastardly act are being hounded from their hideouts to face the full rigours of the law. We also commend the military for the restraint they have exhibited in the face of this naked provocation.
Never again should we record such primitive incident in our history going forward.

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