Monday, 18 December 2017

iSpace UWAT participants enter business incubator stage

Unlocking Women and Technology (UWAT), an iSpace initiative that gives women between the ages of 18-35 years an opportunity to learn how to code and start-up their businesses has reach reached its business incubator stage.

The ladies who were selected into the 2017 training programme were taken through a three months tech training where they were taught how to code and develop websites for their idea.
The coding lessons which the ladies prior to their training had no knowledge in, concluded with presentations from all participants which was a criteria to go into the next stage of the programme.
The next stage which is the incubator stage will take a period of six months, where participants will go through lessons on business development, business model generation, marketing strategy and will climax the training by building a Minimum Viable Product (MVP).
The total number of ladies who have made it for the incubator stage number up to twenty-one (21).
iSpace apart from training these ladies in the aforementioned will also support their various businesses by buying out rightly domains for their websites, registering their businesses and also provide seed fund for their start-ups, coupled with assigning them to a mentor.
The businesses going through the incubator stage include the likes of Sabary Travel and Tour which is a travel and tour agency which seeks to promote Ghana’s best tourists sites and organise trips for locals and foreigners.
Other businesses include Mukasi ,R-smile Cottons, Fizle Cleaners, N & A Organics, Shebab Forex Exchange, The Agric hub Ghana, UgwuMerchants,NDIIBO, EUUEES kiddy events, Pals Network, Djay, Adepa Market, Union –Aid, ADCA, Culmabate, Influential, Monger, VerteLeben, Allyn Foods, Findfix.
Speaking about the efforts that iSpace as a tech hub, start-ups and entrepreneurial advocates, Ms. Nma Favour Ozichukwu, the Program Manager argued that “iSpace’s Unlocking Women and Technology is a project that has been impactful in the lives of many young ladies over the years and as such, we are always determined to see through the realization of the ladies exploits and start-ups. This incubation stage will help fine-tune their ideas”.
She also added that, iSpace will be partnering local tech hubs in 4 regions across Ghana, specifically Volta region, Northern region, Ashanti region and BrongAhafo region in their attempt to take iSpace’s flagship program UWAT nationwide, to get enrolled visit The ladies who have begun the incubator programme also expressed their satisfaction with the coding and business development classes and are looking forward to the next stage which is the Accelerator, where they will scale their start-ups.


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