Monday, 18 December 2017
GTA upbeat about Ghana’s tourism potentials, growth

GTA upbeat about Ghana’s tourism potentials, growth

By Isaac Aidoo
The efforts of the Ghana Tourism Authority (GTA) the implementing arm of the Ministry of Tourism, Culture and the Creative Arts are yielding fruits as tourist arrivals into Ghana continue to soar.

Chief Executive Officer (CEO) of the Authority, Mr Akwasi Agyeman told Business Finder that his outfit had targeted 1.5million tourists from 2018 from the annual 1million visitors to Ghana.
He disclosed that data on domestic tourism showed an increase in terms of numbers of Ghanaians who visit tourist sites in the country.
“The trend we are seeing shows that the local tourism promotional activities we have been doing is going well and making an impact,” he stated.
Describing prospects for the tourism sector in Ghana as bright, Mr Agyeman noted that “about 70 per cent of visits to our tourist sites are locals and that’s a good sign.”
Made in Ghana Campaign
According to the GTA CEO, under the auspices of the Ministry, the Authority launched the See Ghana, Wear Ghana and Feel Ghana Campaign “which has several legs.”
“The first is promoting Made in Ghana, so that seeing Ghana means that we promoting domestic tourism, eating Ghana-making sure that Ghanaian food is high on the agenda in most hospitality outlets also making Ghanaians aware that our food is healthy, nutritious and it’s as nice as any other food,” he explained.
Wear Ghana hinges on made in Ghana attires, that we wear clothes made right here with locally made materials.

Feel Ghana is promoting Ghana’s music and movies industry

Out of the campaign the Authority has had some partnerships with other stakeholder such as the GTP which launched the G-Smock.
Made in Ghana fair in Tema
The Authority is gearing for the Made in Ghana Fair in Tema where it will set up an information desk at the fair to provide information for tourists who are coming in. They will access relevant information on what the fair represents or means for the country. They will be provided with all that is important about Ghana’s domestic products and services.


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