Monday, 18 December 2017
Nigeria envoy tours Krif Ghana Limited

Nigeria envoy tours Krif Ghana Limited

By John Elliot HAGAN, Accra
Nigeria’s High Commissioner to Ghana, Femi Michael Abikoye has toured the offices of stationery giant, Krif Ghana Limited, with a call on Nigerians in Ghana not to engage in any lawful activities which will mar the good co-operation between them and the host community, Ghana.

Femi, a career diplomat, who once served at the High Commission in Ghana as a minister from 1998 to 2001, also said: “They are called upon to engage in activities that are lawful, by doing that, I am sure we are going to have co-operation and we will not have a clash with our host community, so this we impress on our people, to engage in lawful businesses and also ensure that they abide by the laws.”
The tour was to help the ambassador familiarise himself with the operations of Krif Ghana Limited, which has Nigerian ownership.
Addressing staff of the company, Femi said the relationship between Ghana and Nigeria is wonderful.
He, therefore, urged management of Krif Ghana and other Nigerian business owners in the country to help deepen the bilateral relationship between the two sister countries for mutual benefits.
The High Commissioner lauded the manner in which Krif Ghana has conducted its business in the country, expressing the hope that it would continue to remain transparent in its dealings with all its stakeholders.
He also appealed to the management of the company to continue to invest significantly in its corporate social responsibility activities and also pay particular attention to the welfare of its employees.
Executive Chairman of Krif Ghana Limited, Reverend Kennedy Okosun, who hosted the ambassador and his entourage, said economically Ghana has been an important destination for Nigerians.
He was optimistic the two countries would do a lot more to improve the lives of their citizens.
Reverend Okosun pledged that he would be ready to support the ambassador in achieving his set goals in Ghana.
“Your Excellency, we have become a household name in this country and we will continue to be a good representative of Nigeria here. We would also be willing to support you, sir, in any way you may need us to further enhance the relationship between Ghana and Nigeria,” he assured.

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