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7 Traits that can intimidate a man

Tuesday, 08 December 2015 10:48

There are certain qualities that most of us have that can intimidate some men.

Be confident and sexy in the bedroom

Tuesday, 01 December 2015 09:51

Do you wish you were more confident in the bedroom? Many women find their comfort level when it comes to their sexuality but pushing your sexual confidence can take you from being a tame kitten to a sex goddess, or wherever in between you want to be. 

My First Kiss Sucked - I Wish I Read This

Tuesday, 07 April 2015 13:29

Kissing - the most #beautiful way of expressing your love. There are so #many different ways to kiss, depending on who you're kissing. But there are 11 things you didn't know about kissing that will make your mouth open in #amazement. (Yes, I get the pun, there...) Learn these #things and they'll leave you wanting to kiss more and wanting to quit kissing altogether at the same time!


1. Kissing is Good for You

The act of kissing is actually healthy for you! (Take that, those of you opposed of great kissing!) Kissing actually improves our #skin, helps circulation, prevents tooth decay, and can even relieve headaches. So next #time you have a headache and your hubby is wanting a little lovin', don't go for the Tylenol bottle, start kissing! (Bet you'll make his night!)

2. Kissing is a Workout

While just a quick peck on the cheek uses only 2 muscles, a #good french kiss is said to use 34 muscles in your face. (That's almost all of your facial muscles if I'm not mistaken!) That being said, a romantic, but very short kiss will burn a couple calories, while a passionate french kiss can take care of 5 calories. Do this for one entire minute, and you'll burn about 26 calories! Kiss for an hour and you can skip your trip to the gym since you will have burnt about 1,560 #calories! Talk about a reason to make out!

3. Eskimo Kisses Are Fake



According to a video strait from the mouth of an Alaskan, the act of rubbing noses in place of a kiss doesn't exist. He claims Hollywood has played a part in making this myth seem real, when in fact, it's a created story. He says he grew up in a very traditional family and has lived 67 years, and has never seen Eskimos rubbing noses. Their kisses are the same as ours. Save the nose rubbing for the dogs.

4. Kissing is like Drugs

The endorphins you release when kissing are said to be 200 times more powerful than the drug #effects of morphine! Hence, the reason you get that "giddy" weightless feeling after kissing for a while. Who knew that the best drug high they could have was both legal and sitting right beside them the entire #time? Why sacrifice your health and well being over illegal drugs when you can just kiss all day?

5. Kissing is Germ City


Did you know that one kiss can pass 278 types of bacteria? A long enough kiss could leave you with a transmission of 10 million bacterium! That's reason enough to keep kissing to just one person that you know and trust and watch brush their teeth, huh?


6. Some Diseases Can Be Passed with a Kiss


I'm sure you were aware that mononucleosis or the kissing disease could be passed with a kiss (obviously) but did you know that herpes can be shared with a kiss as well? Furthermore, in one instance in 1997, a #woman was infected with HIV through a kiss. This was, however, because both kissers had gum diseases that opened up a whole band of germs passed through human blood. Still, it's kind of gross to think about.

7. Kissing is Illegal in Some Places


Back in the 16th century, public kissing in Naples was punished by death! Still yet, in some places in our own United States, it's technically illegal to kiss in some instances. Kissing strangers is forbidden in Ceder Rapids, Iowa, and in Hartford Connecticut, #woman can't kiss their husbands on a Sunday! Mustached men in Indiana may find it hard to "play the field" as it is illegal for #men sporting mustaches to "habitually kiss human beings." I wonder what happened that made those laws go into effect?

8. The Science of Kissing


Did you know that there is a word for the study of kissing? It's called philematology and it focuses on kissing and what it means in various cultures. There's also a term for the fear of kissing, called philemaphobia. Philemaphobia varies in severity from those who have a mild fear of kissing due to inexperience or those who have a severe fear due to a fear of germs.

9. Lips Are Sensitive


Your lips are one of the most #sensitive areas of your body so it's no wonder why we love to kiss! Our lips and fingertips are thought to be the most sensitive parts of our bodies due to the high number of receptors they have.

10. Good for Teeth


Kissing and anticipating a kiss both produce an increase of saliva in your mouth which is great for your teeth. Saliva helps wash away bacteria from your teeth, break down plaque and even prevent cavities.

11. Helps Keep Us Looking Youthful


We've learned that we use our facial muscles when we kiss, so it shouldn't be surprising that kissing helps keep us looking young. Kissing can help keep our facial muscles smooth and tight and even help prevent cheeks from sagging. If you want to keep that youthful glow you've got going, shower your love with kisses!

12. You Lean when You Kiss


A German researcher found that 2/3 of couples lean to the right when they kiss. Watch any Nicholas Sparks movie kiss and you'll see what I mean! Some researchers suggest that this phenomenon occurs because, as babies in the womb, we tilt our heads to the right, and this habit reemerges when you kiss!

13. Kisses Started with... Rats?


You think that kissing is a uniquely human behavior, but science would argue otherwise. A team of researchers at the University of Tokyo believe that human's desire to kiss descends from an ancient rat called Eomaia scansoria. This critter would rub noses with a mate to signal sexual desire—an ancient, rodent kiss!

14. Kissing Regulation in Hollywood


In the much more conservative era of the 1930's, when movies were just #beginning to become a part of the culture, there were strict rules on kissing. Hollywood actors were prevented from kissing lying down or for longer than three seconds! This set of rules was called the Hays Code and lasted until the 1960s.



15. If You Want to Kiss, Go to Italy


In Italy, kissing seems to be the social norm. Where in most of the #world, about 56% of people report that they kiss passionately, 75% of Italians do! So grab your passport and get ready to pucker up!

16. The Magic Number is...


Fifteen! The average #woman kisses 15 guys before finding "the one". Consider yourself lucky though that you only have to kiss 15 frogs to find your prince! #Men have to kiss 16, according to a British study. A few other averages for experiences before you find your dream #guy are: 7 sexual partners, 2 blind dates, 4 one-night stands, and 2 online dates.

17. The Longest Kiss


Kissing is a great way to pass the time with your special someone, but how much #time exactly? The longest kiss on record lasted 58 hours, 35 minutes and 58 seconds between Ekkachai Tiranarat and Laksana Tiranarat in Thailand! Their determination was awarded with two diamond rings!

Source: guinnessworldrecords.com

So, kissing can be great and absolutely disgusting at the same time. My advice is choose one person to kiss and never stray from that person. Oh, and keep up with how often they brush their teeth! One more thing, ladies, don't kiss your husbands on Sunday...you may end up in jail!


15 Alerting Signs He's Losing Interest in You

Monday, 13 April 2015 14:17

There are definitely signs he’s losing interest in you when you feel like your #relationship is heading south. It’s sad when someone you care about begins to lose interest in what you have, but if you think it might be happening, you should try to prepare yourself. Talking #things out in an upfront manner is always the best option, but if you feel like you can’t do that yet, you can still figure out how to tell he’s losing interest in you. All you have to do is follow these #relationship tips.


1. He Stops Calling

One of the biggest signs he’s losing interest is if he stops getting in #contact with you. If you once talked to him several times a day, he may simply not be interested in chatting with you or he could be talking to someone else. Either way, all #signs point to a potential lack of interest.


2. He Avoids Making Plans

Sometimes it can take a while to pinpoint specific #relationship tips. For instance, if your guy is busy and can’t spend a lot of #time with you for a week or something, that doesn’t necessarily mean he’s lost interest. However, if he consistently tries to avoid making any plans with you, then he might not be as interested now. Betty Confidential also says to keep an eye out for a sudden interest in group dates.



3. He Stands You Up

Let’s say you do get him to make plans with you, though. If he does so only to stand you up time and #time again, then he may just be fulfilling the promise of a date out of a sense of obligation. If he doesn’t see any reason to fulfill that obligation, then his interest in the #relationship might definitely be waning.


4. He’s Not as Affectionate

Affection is important in any relation. Any changes in the #affection he gives you can point to signs he’s losing interest. If he’s never been super affectionate or hands on, you likely don’t have to worry. If, on the other hand, you’re used to him holding hands with you, giving you hugs, and kissing you and he suddenly stops or really lags, then there could be a problem.


5. You Stop Having Sex

Sex is on a different level, really; it deserves a point all on its own. If you and your #partner had an engaged and exciting sex life and it begins to drag or lessen, that’s not positively a sign he’s lost interest. He could be stressed or going through something. If this behavior lingers for a while and combines with any of the other #signs, though, then you can certainly consider it a red flag.



6. He Doesn’t Notice Changes

Sometimes you don’t notice it when your significant other gets a new haircut or a new shirt. If you make really drastic changes, though, and he doesn’t notice any of them, it could indicate trouble. If he doesn’t seem to notice you at all and if he, too, stops doing nice things for you, then his interest may be decreasing.



7. He Acts Defensive

If you’re trying to figure out how to tell he’s losing interest, you have to pay #attention to his behavior. For instance, does he overreact to simple questions? Does he seem reluctant to share any information with you? He could be feeling guilty, not even necessarily because he’s cheating or interested in something else. He may just be reacting because of the increased tension that comes from his knowledge that he’s not interested in the #relationship but hasn’t said so.



8. He Argues More

Does he seem to start more arguments with you? Does he nitpick, start little fights, and try to get under your #skin? This might be guilt as well. However, he might also be trying to push you away. He might feel that’s easier than actually talking #things out.




9. He Makes Excuses

If every #time you recommend going out he seems to make excuses, you should become more alert of him potentially losing interest. Once or twice might not mean anything, but you can tell when someone is consistently avoiding you. When your #partner apathetically offers excuses just to avoid you, you might have to consider that the end of this chapter in your life is near.



10. He Tries to Friend Zone You

People "friend zone" each other outside of relationships all the #time. However, your guy might start trying to friend zone you after you've been in a #relationship for a while. If he starts talking about other girls around you, he's most likely dropping a hint that he is more interested in being your friend than being your #boyfriend.



11. He Sends One-word Responses

If when you're texting or talking to him, every response seems short and like he's trying to just "get the conversation over with", then you're dealing with a pretty bad sign. Guys are notorious for sending short text messages, so don't buy the gallon of chocolate ice cream yet if he sends a few one word responses. But if he doesn't seem to listen or care, and repeatedly sends you a "cool" or "okay" and nothing more, you should probably brace yourself for some changes.



12. He Doesn't Respond

Even worse is if when you text him, or speak to him face to #face, he doesn't respond at all. That's a sign of him being mentally distracted and having other priorities over you. Obviously, if you aren't married yet, he probably does have priorities aside from you. But you should be at least in the top three of his list; a sign you might be slipping in rank of his priorities is a lack of response to texts, calls, emails, and within actual conversations.



13. He Gets Short with You

We all have that one person we're always short with. No matter what they say, you just can't wait until they stop talking. That becomes a problem when you're the person your #boyfriend is getting short with. If he seems to cut you off a lot, roll his eyes when you're talking, or #look impatient, then this might be a sign that he's losing interest in you.



14. You Only Small Talk

Once upon a time, you and your #partner would talk about hopes and dreams, memories and secrets, ideas and plans. But now maybe the only conversations you have consist of small talk. This could mean a few #things, but one possibility to consider is that he's trying to distance himself from you so that leaving you won't be so difficult.



15. You Can Just Tell

You're a #woman! That means you innately have great intuition! You can tell when something feels off. When you sense that awful feeling that he might be losing interest, you may need to plan for a serious talk.

It can be difficult to actively #look out for signs he’s losing interest in you, but doing so can save you some pain. You can begin to assess the relationship simply by following these #relationship tips, which may actually make things less hurtful for both of you. Have you ever dated someone who lost interest in you, or have you lost interest in a significant other?


13 Signs You're in an Emotionally Abusive Relationship

Tuesday, 21 April 2015 10:44

Picking up on the #signs you’re in an emotionally abusive relationship can be difficult. 

Chances are you have your rose-colored glasses on when you are in a relationship so you may excuse, overlook and deny your boyfriend’s emotionally abusive behaviour. 

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Tanzania’s ChiChia London “Hadithi Hadithi” Collection for S/S2015

Friday, 22 May 2015 09:25

Let’s go over to Tanzania for some uber-fab fashion shall we?

From London-based fashion designer Christine Mhando, ChiChia London presents its Spring/Summer 2015 collection titled “Hadithi Hadithi” which translates to “Story Story” in her native tongue, Swahili.

The collection takes inspiration from storytelling with unique prints that birth nostalgia from ‘Tingatinga’ paintings and Tanzanian sayings. It embodies pieces like floral & tribal print dresses, coats , jumpsuits, crop tops, maxi skirts and more and displayed against a backdrop of folklore illustrations.


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