Wednesday, 24 January 2018


Written by Counsellor Adofoli

Being in a new relationship looks scary to a lot of people because they barely know the man or woman they are trusting their lives with. 

And because they hardly know the one they are in the relationship with, so many thoughts, fears and feelings run through their minds and heart each day. 

Anyone who deserves something big has to pass the test of something small. Marriage is for a lifetime, a journey of no return, a cut that never erases off from you. Once married, whether you get divorced or not, you can't erase that status. So my question to you is, how long did you test this man or woman before taking that decision to be with them?

Can they pass the test of time? Can they stand the difficult issues of life? How worse is their worst? What is their definition for sorrow?

Marriage requires a huge sacrifice. What are they ready to sacrifice for you? What is their tolerance level? It's easy to plant but it takes more work to turn that into a harvest. It may cost you more than you ever figured. 

The scary part is, even your own shadow leaves you when you get into darkness, how much more another person in your life?

What is their definition for patience? What do they mean by "I love you'. Do they believe love never dies? 

Do they know the difference between love and feelings? Do they know feelings die at times but love never does? If it’s your looks that got me attracted to you, do you know that once you lose it, there is a greater possibility of losing that feeling I had for you? This is different from making an intention to serve you and be there for you.

Whoever we settle with or decide to be with mainly depends on you. If you want love, you must have love, so that when you meet someone with love, you will recognise it and be able to relate with them.

If you want respect, you need to respect yourself, stick to your beliefs and values and not bend them just to be with someone in the name of love.

It's never about what someone can do for you; it’s about what you can build and conquer together as a team.

In conclusion, "Remember, too, that knowing what is right to do and then not doing it is sin" - James 4:17 (TLB).

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