Wednesday, 24 January 2018
Sports Minister meets Nyantakyi, George Afriyie to resolve impasse

Sports Minister meets Nyantakyi, George Afriyie to resolve impasse

By Daniel ODURO
The Youth and Sports Minister, Isaac Asiamah, has met with the Ghana Football Association President Kwesi Nyantakyi, and his vice, George Afriyie, in his office yesterday in what was an attempt to resolve the impasse between the two top football administrators.

The GFA President and his Vice have allegedly fallen out, with speculation rife in the media that Nyantakyi will soon appoint another vice since he can no longer work with Afriyie.
It is unclear what has set the once close friends on a collision course, but insiders say it is not the first time they have fallen-out.
The only difference this time is the fact that both men feel the current impasse is irreparable.
Close sources at the FA have told Finder Sports that there are immediate and remote causes for this latest feud, but it appears the shambolic Black Stars tour of the US, which saw players and officials transported in bits and pieces and in a chaotic manner, is the main reason for the latest impasse.
Last week, it was reported that George Afriyie sent the GFA President a stinking text message where he called him names, after an Emergence Committee Meeting.
At the said meeting, Nyantakyi is said to have denigrated Afriyie, who was even not present and was out of the country for official duties. Some loyalists of George Afriyie allegedly informed him of the way his boss run him down during the said meeting, prompting a response in the form of the text/WhatsApp message to Nyantakyi.
The FA President, it is alleged, was very unhappy with the arrangements for the two friendly games against Mexico and the USA, and how classified information from the Stars’ camp were leaked to the media during the team’s stay in US.
Nyantakyi is said to have fingered George Afriyie as the source of the leaked classified information to the media, and vehemently pointed it out during the meeting of which the Vice-President was absent.
Information gathered by Finder Sports indicates that George Afriyie, who has ambitions of succeeding Nyantakyi, is fed up and is ready to relinquish his position as GFA Veep and Chairman of the Black Stars Management Committee.
However, power brokers at the FA are confident that a solution to the impasse can be reached to avoid the negative reportage the FA is receiving in the press because of this issue.
Speaking to the media, the Sports Minister confirmed the speculation of a rift and said he was determined to see the two feuding parties bury their differences and work together for the good for the good of Ghana football.
“In every workplace and in every relationship, there are times when you have friction, but it is our duty to try and solve whatever differences people in public service have. The two gentlemen recognise that they are serving Ghanaians and that means sometimes you have to compromise for the good of Ghana football”.

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