Monday, 22 January 2018

5 Ingredients of Success

In history as in life, it is success that counts.
-Hendrik van Loon
Success: a fluid term that means different things to different people.

What is success to you may not be success to another person. It is an entirely personal thing.
Most people tend to equate success with material wealth. But this is not entirely true.
There were people who impacted our world who did not own any substantial material things. Their lives touched the lives of millions around the world. Theirs was service to mankind.
The likes of Jesus Christ, Mother Teresa and Mahatma Gandhi readily come to mind.
If deep down your heart you feel what you are doing brings you fulfillment, peace, happiness and joy, then that is your success. Your success does not need the approval of anyone.
Success is within! If your sense of fulfillment is derived from what you are doing with your life, that is your success. You may not be rich but your life has enriched the lives of others. And that is significant.
We all want to feel fulfilled, accomplished and successful. To obtain success, whatever that may mean to you, requires that you follow the principles that govern success.
Success is no straitjacket. It is hardly an overnight phenomenon.
Your success may have to do with what you want to do, be or have. The success you achieve should be in alignment with your core values and beliefs. It should resonate with your heart. No one should dictate what success is for you. That is personal and must come from within.
I have read widely on the subject of success and have come up with five main ingredients for its obtainment.
The first is to have an abiding sense of purpose and direction. You need to establish a vision for your life.
You need to set goals, craft a strategy and an action plan, the execution of which will lead to the achievement of your vision. You also need passion, motivation, enthusiasm and staying power as you make your journey to the world of success.
When you have a purpose, it means you have something to live for. According to one expert, “Aimlessness is the worst enemy of success”. A hunter must aim, focus and shoot in order to hit his target. You must do the same.
Whatever you are doing should take you to your desired destination in life. If you want to achieve your goals in life, focus and don’t get distracted.
Use your time wisely to get results. Having a purpose plays an important role in our lives.
Knowing where you are and where you want to be can be an important roadmap for your life. Listen as Ben Stein, actor and author explains, “The indispensable first step to getting the things you want out of life is this: decide what you want.” That decision is yours to take. No procrastination.
The journey could be hard, but when there is progress, joy follows. Keep moving even when things become difficult and you feel uncomfortable.
Imbibe this principle from Robert Byrne, who once said: “The purpose of life is a life of purpose.”
Success has the intrinsic character of a batting average. All the days are not equal, some will assert.
As you make your success journey, unwelcome challenges will cross your path. Setbacks could derail your efforts.
Failure, disappointments and doubts could stall your progress. But must we give up because we have encountered failure?
Failure is part of the process for getting to the top. Mistakes and failure are inevitable.
Trials, disappointments and setbacks come to test our faith and commitment. We must learn the lessons and move on.
We must build our strengths and self-confidence to courageously navigate the pitfalls of this life. Giving up should not be an option.
Success! That magical word has a price.
Success and the price of it are an integrated whole and not separable. Success requires effort, courage, boldness and fortitude.
You must make some sacrifices for whatever it is you want. Whom do you think will pass their exam: a student who plays all the time or the one who is committed to his studies? Your guess is as good as mine.
When a musician comes on stage to display his musical skills, we applaud him. But we must know that he paid the price, daily practice in a studio. It is the case with a dancer, painter, mathematician, carpenter, athlete, pianist, etc.
Achieving worthwhile goals does not come easy. We must pay the price.
“No pain, No gain” is a common adage that says it all.
Success is no success if there is no satisfaction in achieving it. If a man decides to marry 50 women and raise a family with them and he derives satisfaction from achieving that feat, he would be considered a success. Another individual’s satisfaction may come from amassing a fortune of, say, $50 million. If that was his aim, he will be considered successful.
For success to be success, the element of satisfaction has to be present. Success must be enjoyed to be true success.
Satisfaction, like success, means different things to different people. What may be satisfaction to one man may not be satisfaction to another.
Satisfaction is an attitude and a state of mind. It is available to all.
It is up to the individual to make a choice. Are you happy with your accomplishments?
If yes, you are a success.
A final basic element of success is spirituality. We are here but not independent of our Maker.
We are ultimately accountable to God for what we do with our lives here on planet Earth. Whatever success you make should be for the greater good.
Whatever you are, whoever you are and whatever accomplishments you make is by the grace of God.
He is the source of all excellent ideas. We should acknowledge and express our gratitude to him for our achievements and success. We should not lose sight of our spirituality as we are part of the universe and its purposes.
I conclude my thoughts with this profound quote from a wise man who wrote: “Don’t try to be a success, Do Good Work.” Yes, if you do good work, success should follow.
Yours in inspiration,
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