Sunday, 19 November 2017

Prioritisation, key to achievement

By Abundant Robert K. AWOLUGUTU
Good things happen when you get your priorities straight.
-Scott Caan
Our ultimate purpose in life is to live with significance, achieve worthwhile goals and leave a meaningful legacy for present and future generations. We’ve got to influence the world for good.

We need to establish a vision for our lives and strive towards achieving it. We need to plan according to our strengths and weaknesses.
In order to reach our most important goals in life, we have to take into account the resources that are available to us, organise them and carry out activities that take us to our desired destination in life.
As human beings, we are born and have to live with certain limitations. We cannot do everything that we want to do.
There are many things that cry for our attention every single day. Some of the things we have to do are more important than others.
We also have limited time and resources for accomplishing tasks towards the fulfillment of our dream or vision. This brings us to the issue of prioritisation, which I consider to be the main key to success and achievement.
Successful people have the uncanny ability to prioritise, and that is why they are able to accomplish tasks that lead to goal achievement. They do only those things that are absolutely crucial for a successful and fulfilling life.
Successful people have mastered the art of prioritising. They never put the most important things at the mercy of the less important things.
They recognise the fact that challenges come with the effort to succeed. With brutal determination, ambition and a commitment to excellence, they are able to reach their goals.
They keep the boat going by focusing on what needs to be done in order to be successful and live their dream life.
But, how do you decide things that are the most important?
What is on your agenda? List the various tasks that have to be done and choose those ones that are most beneficial when accomplished.
Another way to do that is decide which thing is important for the success of another thing. If you know that the accomplishment of a particular task could make the accomplishment of another task simpler, then do that basic task first.
This way you set up a chain of events and it becomes convenient for you to accomplish your various tasks.
When you set for yourself a goal, do not plunge headlong into trying to fulfill it without first counting the cost. Putting up a house requires planning.
You need to get all the essential materials and resources ready before you start the construction works. Planning helps you know which thing comes before another thing.
Again, planning helps you to use your resources judiciously. It enhances your efficiency and effectiveness.
Failing to plan your life implies planning to fail in life. But that is not what you want.
In conclusion, you must put first things first if you want to achieve your dream life and make a difference in the lives of others. In other words, you must prioritise your activities to live life on your own terms.
To achieve a life of abundance, wealth, health, peace and happiness, setting priorities is a must. Without it, you will come up with great failure.
Wishing you an exciting and fulfilling life!
Yours in inspiration,
Abundant Robert
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