Monday, 22 January 2018

Let’s make corruption unattractive

CORRUPTION is often been likened to mass murder and rightly so because it robs society

of the much needed resources to provide essential goods and service to the citizenry.
When one individual pockets millions of state cash that could otherwise be used to build that small health post in that village or send potable water to that community, which shares ponds with cattle, that person is no different from the one who detonates a suicide bomb in the market square or on a busy street.
Perhaps the suicide bomber could even pass as a moderate killer compared to the corrupt official whose thievery affects a whole community or town.
Yet, in our part of the world, the more we draw attention to the serious effect corruption has on our collective quest to development the Ghanaian economy, the more it seems to thrive. Corruption has become endemic in our dear country and fast seeping through every fabric of the Ghanaian society.
There’s hardly any public project where individuals pocket huge monies as kickbacks. By the time contractors are done with paying ‘thank you’ fees, they barely have enough to execute the real project and the result is the shoddy work they produce at the end of the day.
To say that Ghana is a poor country, would be a big deception considering the millions of state funds that go into individual pockets each passing day. We daresay that Ghana would no longer need the piece meals it gets from foreign donors in the form of aid and grants if we effectively deal with public corruption and the wastage in the system.
Isn’t it shameful that as a country, we have had to look up to some international organisations to provide boreholes to communities without water, when government officials in those very communities pocket funds that could otherwise provide double of that same service?
The enormity of this canker of corruption in the Ghanaian society has ascended levels which need high-handedness and political will to uproot because we have, for far too long, glorified the many white-colour thieves in our society.
Where is the justice when the guinea-fowl or goat thief gets to serve years in jail when the politicians and public servants steal millions of Cedis but continue to walk free?
Corruption wrecks a nation and the earlier we begin to attach more importance to its eradication the better it would be to building a prosperous nation.
At the last check, corruption was still a crime in our status book and it must be treated as such by the law. All the revelations of corruption and wanton dissipation of state funds by state officials must not treated as a norm.
The law must be seen to be dealing with them in equally measure to make it unattractive to individuals who might be lured into going on that path. Until we take such definite sanctions, the fight against corruption in this country will come to naught.

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