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Personal values: Your manifestation tool

Personal values: Your manifestation tool

By Abundant Robert K. AWOLUGUTU

Every human being aspires to achieve success and live their best life. Whilst some people make it effortlessly, achieving success has become more of a mirage than reality.

There must be a reason why some people succeed in life and others do not. My personal inquiry into this matter has revealed that the richest and most successful people have strong personal qualities, values and beliefs which they have developed into winning habits.

Our habits have a lot of influence on what we become. Bad habits will make you an irresponsible person and take you down the wrong road in life. When good habits become the foundations of your life, you will operate more effectively and achieve your best life.

Good habits don’t happen overnight. It takes lots of efforts to do it. It takes consistent practice to make them become your second nature.

Once these winning habits become deeply ingrained in your life, success becomes a lot easier. Organising one’s life around these habits will certainly guarantee success.

Friend, there is not a single winning habit that can create an abundant life for you. In your manifestation toolkit, you should have many personal qualities, values and positive beliefs that support your efforts to succeed and have amazing life experiences.

In his book ‘What Rich People Know & Desperately Want To Keep Secret’, Brian Sher encourages us to cultivate the following qualities to position us to succeed and become rich and wealthy: Practice perfectly to make perfect, have an open mind, be flexible, focus on continuous self-improvement, dream big, have a clear sense of direction, set inspiring goals, associate with the right people, ask for help, master one thing, do one thing at a time…Others are optimism, positive thinking, believing in yourself, have strong personal values, service to others, honesty, integrity, do what you love, courageous persistence, commitment to your dream, patience, pay the price upfront, develop self-discipline; the rest are take risks, accept responsibility, don’t despair at failure, know you are not perfect, accept and face challenges courageously, develop resilience, fall but don’t stay down, make decisions fast, develop a reputation, for urgency, and last but not least, be self-employed.

These qualities are essential to success. Every successful person has most of these values. If these qualities are present in your life, you are already successful or will succeed in the long term.

I believe by now you know why some people succeed and others do not. I also believe you know that it takes more than luck to succeed.

To position yourself to truly succeed, you have no option but to cultivate strong personal foundations. It will give you personal power to attract the things you desire and deserve. To comprise on your personal values is to repel success.

You need to be passionate and committed to your life purpose. This will place you in a position to forge ahead in the face of challenges. Nothing will stop you from succeeding if you discipline yourself to attract or magnetise good things into your life.

The people who have achieved remarkable success did so on account of the strong personal foundations they built into their life. Think of the likes of Steve Jobs, Bill Gates, Oprah Winfrey, Wane Dyer, Rick Warren, Billy Graham, Nelson Mandela; their success habits made them whom they are.

Bad habits are difficult to do away with. However you can replace them with good habits. The struggle in your life must come to an end. Begin from this moment forward to see yourself as a truly unique person who can truly reinvent their life. With ambition and determination, you can acquire winning habits to become a champion in life. 

Don’t listen to the naysayers who say you can’t. You must change the way you think to change things in your life. 

You need to be a world changer. But you cannot do so without the right habits and consistent and diligent efforts.

In conclusion, success does not come easy. We must have strong personal foundations to succeed. These personal foundations I call winning habits. We must cultivate and nurture them to become our second nature. We must know what we want to do with our life and live with zest and passion. This is what will attract effortless abundance into our life.

My aim in life is to help people live their best life and succeed. Let me know how this article has helped you. Your feedback will help me improve upon my writings.

Yours in inspiration,

Abundant Robert AWOLUGUTU

Correction Officer, Priest & Author

Cell: 0208 455 296

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