Wednesday, 24 January 2018

Sanction Tema MCE over birthday bash

The admission by the Tema Metropolitan Chief Executive (MCE), Mr Isaac Ashai Odamtten, that about GH₵40,000 was spent on a birthday party for 180 staff who were born in the months of June, July and August is worrying.

 Mr Odamtten said the assembly spent GH¢40,000 on what he described as a birthday cocktail for 180 staff.

He said: “We have a staff of about 1,000 and because it will be difficult to bring all of them to one staff durbar, we decided to hold a kind of monthly birthday cocktail party for the staff in series.

“The platform is also to enable us break lethargy, discuss staffs’ shortcomings and then encourage members to give out their best in their respective departments.”

 It must be noted that Tema, the once beautiful city with the accolade as the only well-planned city in Ghana, has lost its shine.

Tema is faced with numerous challenges.

Improving environmental sanitation and waste management remains a big challenge for the assembly due to the poor attitude of residents and their indiscriminate dumping of refuse and littering.

The Tema Central Sewage system, which receives over 20,000 cubic metres of domestic, industrial and commercial waste and water from the Tema Metropolis, has since the last 12 years been inoperative as a result of a breakdown of the equipment running the system.

Roads in several parts of Tema are in deplorable state and in need of rehabilitation. The healthcare and educational systems also have their peculiar challenges.

In fact, Tema faces a multitude of challenges that need a proactive chief executive to address.

The allegation by some assembly members that proposed regular clean-up exercises at a cost of GH¢500 per electoral area was not approved by the assembly demands an investigation.

This is because from July 19, when the Tema Metropolitan Health Directorate recorded its first cholera casualty, to August 25, the breakdown of the figures are as follows: Tema East, 210 cases with 115 males; Tema Central, 191 cases with 105 men; and Tema West, 67 cases with 47 males contracting cholera.

Out of the 468 reported cholera cases at the Tema General Hospital (TGH), seven deaths have been recorded, with Tema East recording three of the fatalities and Tema West and Central recording two deaths each.

For this reason, the appeal by some assembly members on the Presiding Member to call an emergency meeting for a vote of no confidence to be passed in the MCE should be treated with all seriousness.

The President must sanction the MCE for spending the taxpayers’ hard-earned money on the celebration of birthdays of staff of the assembly at a time resources are scarce.

Sanctioning Odamtten would send signals to other chief executives that they would not be spared if they misapply taxpayers’ money.











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