Monday, 18 December 2017
Japan Motors cements partnership with Foton

Japan Motors cements partnership with Foton

Japan Motors Trading Company Limited (JMTC), local distributors of Nissan range of vehicles, Yamaha motorbikes and Marine engines, has held a grand ceremony in Accra to launch Foton range of vehicles.

It was an evening of networking and socialisation as customers and vehicle lovers gathered to witness the launch of the all-new Foton Gratour range, Tunland pick-up and Auman truck.
Managing Director of JMTC, Mr Salem Kalmoni described the event as a milestone in Ghana’s automobile industry as JMTC unveils its strategic partnership with the Foton brand, China’s largest full-range truck manufacturer.
He said in looking for a truck of high standard and quality to complement its Nissan line up, the company had to settle on Foton, which had been marketed for a decade by its sister company, Modern Auto Services (MAS).
“As other vehicle brands MAS imported were found deficient and led to the closure of the company, Foton stood out as the brand that valued quality and cared to support their products globally, as such, in January 2017, JMTC took over the full distribution of the Foton range of vehicles,” he said.
Mr Kalmoni was optimistic that JMTC, being the only automobile firm with full 3S (Sales, Service, Spare parts) and having branches across the biggest cities in Ghana (Accra, Tema, Kumasi, Takoradi and Tamale), is in a better position to support the Foton brand.
Present to witness the launch and endorse the partnership between Japan Motors and Foton were Mr Chai Zhijing, Chinese Economic Counsellor, who represented the Chinese Ambassador, and Mr Wan Xujun, Vice-President, Foton International.
Mr Chai Zhijing noted that as Ghana is the second sub-Saharan African country to establish diplomatic relations with China, it’s not surprising to see Foton having joined the Kalmoni Group for a decade enjoying a good reputation in the country with quality, good performance, good after-sales service and competitive prices.
He touted Foton as one of the leading Chinese automobile manufacturers providing vehicles globally, and “as economic co-operation between China and Ghana has been inspiring for the past 57 years”, Ghana can be assured of quality trucks from Foton through Japan Motors.
Mr Wan Xujun, Vice-President for Foton International, gave the assurance that the company will continue to invest in quality after-sales support to ensure customers get value for their money.
He was optimistic the future for Foton is promising as the group is poised on improving the brand as one of the leading commercial vehicles in China.
Making a Foton products presentation, Mr Imad Ghorayeb, Director, Sales and Marketing, JMTC, outlined the Foton range being marketed by JMTC, which include tractor heads for the oil and gas industry, transportation and logistics; tipper trucks for the roads and construction sector; the 1.5, 3 and 6 tonnes trucks for the SMEs and the flagship Tunland 4x4 pick-up, both automatic and manual transmission. He also noted the introduction of the Gratour range, which includes the mini cargo trucks, vans and 8-seater buses and the AUV buses, ranging from 25-65 seaters.
The night also saw awards presentation jointly done by Mr Amine Kabbara, General Manager Sales and Marketing; Mr Chriss Lee, Foton Manager; and Mr Abdul-Rahman Osman, Foton Brand Sales Manager, to best performing customers for heavy duty, light duty and passenger vehicles, which went to Alhaji Adamu of Rabo Ent, DIMD Ghana and Multipro Ghana (Indomie) respectively. DDP Outdoor Ltd was adjudged the best after-sales and customer service.

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