Sunday, 19 November 2017
Ecobank reinforces digital banking drive

Ecobank reinforces digital banking drive

In its bid to get Ghanaians to experience increased convenience in banking, staff of Ecobank Ghana have commenced a vigorous digital campaign out on the streets, away from the banking halls.

The first of such campaigns was led by the Group Head for Direct Banking, Naana Araba Abban, and Anglophone West African Head for Consumer Banking, Mr Tara Squire.
Ms Abban explained that the bank was targeting all levels of individuals because that way the App will help to mop up both big and small amounts of cash into the banking system and on to the digital platform and help government to arrive at the cash-lite society much faster.
In this era of huge public concern about cyber fraud, particularly on the mobile money platform, Ms Abban said the Ecobank Mobile App had the highest level of security and the bank had also set up a whole department to ensure every Ecobank platform remained robust and highly secured.
She pointed out that users were required to key in their secret PIN at every step of a transaction and the user often gets SMS notification of a transaction before it is completed, to ensure that if a that transaction is not authorized by the account owner, he or she can take step to stop it.
The campaign to rope in as many Ghanaians as possible unto the mobile banking platform will continue to other parts of the country in the coming weeks, she indicated.
Tara Squire said the Ecobank Mobile App also allows interoperability, where users could transfer money from their account to another account in another bank, just like writing an Ecobank cheque to be deposited in an account in another bank.
The App, he said, also enables money transfers from and to mobile money wallets and other digital finance platforms.
“The Express Cash feature also allows people to generate and send a token to any phone via SMS or WhatsApp for the receiver to go and do a cardless withdrawal at any Ecobank ATM by dialing the token in,” he said.
He said the App also comes with a touch and pay feature that enables even simple table top traders like roasted plantain sellers to receive electronic payment with either Visa or MasterCard just by having the App on their phone.
“You can link any Visa or MasterCard issued by any bank to the Ecobank Mobile App and use it for transactions even if you don’t have an Ecobank account,” he said.

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