Monday, 18 December 2017
Ghana picks silver at HAAPI 2017

Ghana picks silver at HAAPI 2017

Ghanaian Chefs who participated in this year’s All African Ibizo HAAPI Food festival made Ghana proud by winning a silver medal.

About 10 chefs were in South Africa for the All African Ibizo HAAPI Food festival. The 10 delegates comprised six Chefs and four students who represented Ghana in the competition.
The challenge saw the crème de la crème of each countries’ Chefs going head on in preparation of their authentic countries’ cuisine presented in a modern, exciting, gourmet way.
Born out of the passion and love for people within the hospitality and tourism industry, HAAPI festival in its fourth year was initiated by Founder and President of African Chefs United (ACU), Chef Citrum Khumalo and his team.
ACU’s mission is to unite Africa, create and improve on culinary, hospitality and arts skills. The festival is also a platform to address issues of xenophobia, as the festival brings people from across the African continent, diaspora and the world at large.
HAAPI 2017 engaged participants in discussions that centered on food security, social cohesion, entrepreneurship, networking and the spirit of Ubuntu across the continent. It created festivity for participants through activities such as culinary competitions, culinary workshops, hospitality related activities such as table setting, showcasing local and African beverages, local and African ingredients, arts entertainment and promoting Africa as a brand.
Countries that participated in the contest included Cameroon, Kenya, Zimbabwe, Ghana, Congo, Namibia, Nigeria, Togo, Leso Botswana, Mauritius, Gabon and Australia.

Activities included students skills challenge which showcased industry essential skills.
The competition brings the best out of the students whilst they hone their skills at the same time helping them to improve and share their knowledge with other students.
The challenge is a tense, fast, furious and entertaining activity which will in turn inspire students that will be watching. South African culinary schools will partake in the first competition; the winning team will go heads on with schools from Africa that will be present.
The biggest highlight of this festival was the Nelson Mandela African Culinary Challenge endorsed by the Nelson Mandela Foundation which competition happened on August 31.
There were live performances by African artists, food stalls from different countries as well as food cooked by indigenous women and African Women in Culinary from different countries were sold.
Fires were lit, smokes created in search of Africa’s best BBQ (nyamachoma/shisanyama) champion which was open to individuals and teams from around the world.

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